Who we are

Since 2003, poliste has been supporting the organisations in managing complexity, through an approach based on integration and participation. poliste facilitates work groups and work processes facing and resolving complex problems by using structured and goal-oriented METHODOLOGIES.

Poliste is able to

Manage effectively


Organisational and managing consulting processes


Participatory processes, including analysis and intervention on the problem


Collecting drafting of plan, projects, and technical-specialised documents


Researches, market surveys, and polls




Interactive events and workshop

Each one of these types of activities is previuosly planned with the customer, managed by the facilitator with the support of visualisation, and instantly translated in a report.

The individual intelligence, even the most refined one, is very slight compared with the potential of people working together.

— Poliste —

We resolve problems

Poliste has experience in resolving complex problems and in organisational management.

Organisations are made by people, all of them with their own skills, their own background and their own needs. The knowledge of a single techniques is not enough, a broader view is needed for the approach to resolving problems.

The dynamics through which people come to conclusions and face problems, they fight change, confront one another in a dialectical manner, all these are recurring dynamics. Be aware of these dynamics means to know how to face and address them, through dialogue and confrontation.


  • Poliste studies extensively the specific situation in which is called upon to operate, should it be a business consulting, a problem to be resolved, a complex choice to make.

    — Poliste —
  • The previous knowledge of the issue and the technical, scientific and behavioural basis that have been acquired allow Poliste, thanks to the use of technics and methodologies suitable for the specific situation, to obtain a successful synthesis and the untangling of complex knots, simplifying without trivialize.

    — Poliste —

From discussion to decision

Face complex Ecosystems

Poliste can operate in complex ecosystems, enter in the heart of the organisations in order to tackle and resolve problems linked to the reorganisation, to the need to take complex decisions in order to guide marketing choices and help the organisations in make conscious and well-informed decisions, through involving the different actors implicated.

To increase participation

Poliste helps the management to extend the partnership and the awareness, by involving all the interested people and seeking benefit from the discussion, through the exploitation of the stakeholders’ expertise. A process of participatory planning allows the employees to develop a better understanding of the context and the general functional processes of the business in which they work.

Fostering inclusion

Poliste has a deepen knowledge of the social, psychological, behavioural dynamics which foster the inclusion process. The situations change but people and their reasoning and resistance-to-change methodologies never do. Poliste helps to depersonalise opinions and to ensure that people can express their thoughts freely and, as far as possible, in a way which should be unconditioned by environment, conventions and uneasiness.

We enhance the power of the group and ensure that the differences of opinion become a resource.

— Poliste —

Develop ideas

Managing complexity

Poliste faces complex situation with a methodological approach of who want to eat a huge marzipan elephant. How can you do it? It is easy to say: one piece at the time.

The preliminary phase consists in a deep study of the case in point, should it be a business consulting, an advisory board in medical field, a decision to be taken within a community, the drafting of a complex project. The heart of the problem is always the same: to know what it is about.

The technics and methodologies that we use are a means and not the ultimate aim. The methodologies are a work tool which is chosen from time to time, in order that it could be the more useful and precise as possible, that could support in making an action and should not be a display aimed to itself.

Once the case in point has been studied and the methodology to be used has been chosen, Poliste can use its expertise in the group management and the skills acquired during years of studies in the fields of relational and psychosocial science in order to support the customer in reaching a solution to the problem, through confrontation, discussion, and participation.

Poliste can develop complex “scripts”, which are the core and the direction of the discussion, so that the participation should be aimed to reach an objective and not a discussion as an end in itself.

The last step is the production of an extensive report of the meeting and the collective discussion, which will be the base and the core that will ensure the solution itself of the problem, the result of a long preparatory procedure and the base from which to arrive to the solution.

The marzipan elephant, with patience, has been eaten at the end.

bruce lee

Our skills

Poliste has developed in-house a wide range of skills, acquired through study and developed on the field through concrete implementation.

Poliste’s skills concern the knowledge of the facilitation methodologies, the knowledge of the functioning of people, groups, and organisations, the training courses, the project management, the development of complex projects, the business consulting.

All of this is possible thanks to the right mix of psychological competences, technical competences, knowledge of the sector in which Poliste operates and knowledge of the people, who are the brick and base cell of the organisations and, therefore, of the society.

The sectors in which we operate

Poliste operates with its own methodologies in numerous sectors, for private and public customers.



What we do


Poliste facilitates work groups and work processes.
The facilitation is a tool for organise the participation and make the most from every individual contribution. The facilitation process creates the conditions under which the members of the group can express their own thoughts and opinions. All of that is possible through the use of methodologies that can activate people and work groups.


Poliste supports and helps its customers to implement the most suitable strategies for them. Poliste considers each intervention as peculiar and unique, and to be managed by activating processes supporting the organisations, particularly in the phases of organizational change and work-processes restructuring.


Poliste supports public and private organisations in elaborating projects that can apply for public financing. Moreover, Poliste organises training programmes aimed at improving the quality of the projects, by giving to the participants theoretical and practical tools on goal-orientated planning, on projects drafting and on participatory planning technics.


Poliste has training programmes for facilitators in which, besides the analysis of the facilitator’s role and skills, there is a wide space that is dedicated to knowledge and practical experimentation of the main methodologies used in the group facilitation. Poliste can translate a training programme in a veritable consulting.


Poliste organises the recruitment process through innovative methodologies based on psychosocial tools, which are able to describe the applicant’s knowledge as a whole. This process allows the organisation to consciously choose the best with judgement and safety.


Poliste plans and implements processes of qualitative and quantitative participatory assessment for projects either completed and in progress or for specific organisational processes. The multidisciplinary skills acquired by Poliste allow to realise an unbiased assessment process and based in objective criteria.

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Poliste uses only certified methods and it is the official representative for Italy of Metaplan.

— Kai Matthiesen, CEO Metaplan —

Methods and technics


The technics we use are trademarks or brands recommended by prominent bodies, such as the European Commission.
Our method is multicultural: we work in Italian, English and French.


Metaplan is a method for managing the communication processes in work groups. It is based on the alternation of individual, group, and plenary working moments. It allows to manage a discussion by collecting, selecting, and homogenizing the contents expressed by participants, through the support of visualization techniques. Poliste is the only Italian partner of the Metaplan group.

Potential applications:
  • Strategic consulting
  • Advisory Board
  • SWOT Analysis

Goal Oriented Project Planning

GOPP is a participatory planning methodology that facilitates project planning through a clear definition of the objectives, according to the approach of PCM – Project Cycle Management, promoted by the European Commission as quality standard in planning, management and assessment phases of complex interventions.

Potential applications:
  • Project design and management
  • Business plan
  • Communication plan

Open Space Technology

OST is a method of constructive interaction for big groups which is based on the self-organisation.
This method has not a defined programme, but it only uses a theme of discussion. The participants are those who, guided by the facilitator, propose the topics, establish the agenda and create working groups. At the end of the day an instant report is elaborated. Poliste has used this methodology for managing dozens of workshops with numerous participants.

Potential applications:
  • Business Convention
  • Scenario analysis
  • Brainstorming

About us

Poliste operates thanks to a multidisciplinary team, which is composed by the three founding partners and numerous COLLABORATORS.

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Poliste is the only Italian partner of the Metaplan group

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We ensure that the differences of opinion become a resource

— Poliste —

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