Managing innovation in agriculture

For over two decades, we have been consultants and partners in managing projects of rural development, research, and innovation in production and marketing of agri-food products.

When we work with agri-food enterprises, our function is often to perform as designers (fund raiser) or facilitators of innovation (innovation broker). We support the processes of analysis, focus on innovative strategies and actions, search for partners, and we foster the networking and the collaboration among entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Our team of experts consists of cross-cutting professionals who cover the managing of the overall job (from the needs analysis to reporting the results achieved) and of professionals with specific competences in the fields of agriculture, agri-food, and rural development.

Our objective is to support the enterprise growth following the approach of the participatory planning.

When we work with public administrations, our function is to assess the contexts, in order to support the establishment of programmes and projects, and then, thanks to the most advanced techniques of project management, it is to manage development processes, whose effectiveness is based on an approach which cannot be limited to a proper implementation and requires, instead, a constant listening of the territory and adjustment to its needs.

Thanks to our pluriannual experience we can operate in complex ecosystems, we enter in the heart of the organisations in order to tackle and resolve problems linked to the need to take complex decisions and to guide choices, by helping the management in making conscious, well-informed decisions, through the involvement of the different actors implicated.

We take charge of the customer’s requests – whether it is a private or public customer – and we give support in a pathway of innovation concerning both the process (for example encouraging networking and relationships) and the product (for example by contriving new solutions that can outperform those available in the market).

We supported the Departments of Agriculture of various Italian Regions through multi-stakeholders participatory processes, in order to strengthen the synergy and the operational connection among the department’s structures and the territory, and to increase the effects of the Rural Development Programmes (RDP), thus optimising the programming cycle of the Community resources.

Moreover, we carried out a series of actions in favour of regional, national and European organisations, which work for any reason in the agri-food and rural development field.


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