At the service of enterprises

Since 2003, we have been supporting the organisations in managing complexities through an approach based on integration and participation. We facilitate groups and working processes, tackling and resolving complex problems by using structured and goal-oriented methodologies.

With ten and twenty years of experience in Business Innovation, our team of Work and Organisational phycologists is involved in providing support and consulting to public and private organisations, with a particular attention to the non-profit sector.

In more the twenty years we have supported processes of merger, we have provided consulting for the establishment of new entrepreneurial development plans, we have managed accompanying processes for the implementation of new organisational technologies, and we have specialised in interventions of organisational analysis and redesign.

Our methodological approach of reference is the process consulting, an effective instrument which is part of many organisational development programmes, both in Italy and abroad.

For Poliste it is essential to highlight the word “process” and to focus attention on how something is happening rather than on what is happening. The processes are often partially unintentional, and yet they are of the utmost importance in relationships and they are the key for the success or failure of the helping action.

Our job is to answer to specific needs of the organisations, to put together thoughts, expectations, and aspirations of Management Boards. In this way we can support the organisations during the different phases of change, which are part of the natural evolution of the life in an organisation and should be performed with respect of the specific cultural ad organisational context.


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Andrea Lorenti, Managing partner Poliste
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