European Planning
Certified methods for building possibilities

European planning is a business unit born in 2003 along with the creation of Poliste. It manages the services for the drafting and implementation of the projects financed with direct and indirect European funds, as well as the technical assistance for the management of funded programmes and projects. Moreover, in partnership with Universities and private subjects, it guides and promotes the Master in Progettazione Europea (Master in European Planning) of the University of Cagliari, now in its 6th edition.

Our team has a long-term experience in using the instruments recommended by the European Community, such as: PCM (Project Cycle Management), GOPP (Goal Oriented Project Planning) e LFA (Logical Framework Approach).

We also have an in-dept experience in using methods and software for project management.

We provide technical support to our customers on different areas and structural funds, including ESF, ERDF, EAFRD, and also on direct funds with the programmes Interreg, Horizon, LIFE, and more.

Examples of technical assistance are the projects “ViViMed” (2018/2019), “ACCESSIT – Itinerari del patrimonio accessibile” (2013), “Med More & Better Job” (2010/2011), “SE.RE.NA. – SErvices Renforces pour l’Emploi et les compétences dans le secteur du NAutisme” (“Greater opportunities for employment and expertise in the shipping and boating sector”) (2010) within the Operational Programme Italy-France Maritimes; “Providune” (2014) and “ResMaris” (2017) within the Programme LIFE.

Our work team’s strengths are the participatory approach and the network of significative relationships built over the years through experiences in national and international territories.


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Serenella Paci, Managing partner Poliste
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