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Since 2010, we have provided consulting to the Italian and European pharmaceutical industry, supporting our customers in planning and performing of advisory board and strategy or marketing workshops. We have involved the key opinion leader in structured discussions, which are engaging and yet scientifically rigorous, facilitating in Italian or English with the Metaplan® methodology, of which we are exclusive partners in Italy, or with other methodologies and technological tools.

We have an in-dept experience in a wide range of care areas, in which in addition to the methodological competence we carry an extensive knowledge of the domain. Our team of consultants, expert in different thematic areas can coordinate, manage and finalise the work of groups of very different size, from 3 to 300 people. Each of our interventions is based on techniques that activate the strength of the group and, thanks to the choice of the most suitable methodology to handle the specific problem, it creates the conditions to achieve concrete results in the agreed timeframe.

So we realise workshops enhancing the experts’ knowledge, such as advisory boards or other expert meetings (Metaplan®, Nominal Group Technique), business meetings (Open Space Technology), Delphi analysis, SWOT analysis, marketing meetings, training events, besides conferences and other significantly interactive events, even thanks to the use of technologies created ad hoc in order to activate big and small work groups (Mentimeter®, Klaxoon®).

After each intervention, we are able to create in real-time a report which may be used for the business’ internal purposes, shared with the stakeholders or used to foster a scientific publication, an accredited CME eBook and more.

Our valued offer, which revolutionises the methods of production of expert knowledge in Life Sciences, conquered many of the most important players in the pharmaceutical field.


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